What is “JOY?”

Winthrop Baptist Church Enews June 29, 2017

It’s a great question and one I was asked during our weekly “walk and talk.” I wonder, can we define “joy?” I can describe situations where I’ve felt joy. Like an hour ago when I went out back and found the first bean almost ready to be harvested from my miniature garden. It is the first bean I’ve ever grown! It was easier than I expected! Joy! I felt utter joy at simple success and nourishment grown in my yard. But, that moment of joy will pass…then what? I’m curious how might you describe or define “joy?”


This Sunday the choir will sing “Battle Hymn” and we will look at Romans 6:12-23 with a message entitled “Freedom—From Sin.” Our theme for July is JOY! Come share your experiences of joy-great and small! All are welcome! Sunday we will also gather around the table and share in the Lord’s Supper.


Summer Blessings,