Puzzles and Transformation

Holy Week is upon us. Transformation is in progress. Are you ready?
Are we ready bear witness to the transformational power of God?
Are we ready live transformed lives?
A few weeks ago I started a puzzle. I thought it was going to be easy, but it isn’t finished! I see so many connections to faith in puzzles I build. Sometimes the journey seems smooth, and the pieces fall right into place. Other times I struggle trying to force things to fit where they don’t belong. The transformation of the puzzle will continue. Just like faith, we are works in progress and need to keep working on it. My puzzle, my journey isn’t complete, yet there is HOPE!
We will gather tomorrow night to hear once again Jesus’s story of transformation. This week moves from the high of the Palm Parade to the communal meal sharing of Jesus and his close friends, to death on the cross. And it doesn’t end there!
The transformation continues and on Sunday we will gather to celebrate the triumph of life over death, the resurrection hope, Easter. Good News! Come join in the journey!
Blessings of hope in the midst of transformation,
THURSDAY MARCH 29—Maundy Thursday
6:00pm—Simple Supper
6:45pm—Maundy Thursday Worship
6:30am—Ecumenical Sunrise Worship on Mount Saint John
9:30am—Choir Rehearsal
10:00am—Easter Worship (with communion)