Hitting a Wall

Winthrop Baptist Church Enews March 7, 2018


Have you ever felt like you “hit a wall?”


I’ve used the phrase from time-to-time when I felt exhausted mentally and physically. When I longed for a moment to just stop, breathe and rest. Well, earlier this week I literally “hit a wall.” It was a painful experience.


I will insert here the end of the story—I am fine! Just bruised and sore and grateful.


It was a memorable tripping fall that was witnessed by others. As I jumped down a few steps, I landed just so that my knee gave way and the momentum carried me forward across the open space where I came to a stop face down on the floor where my shoulder took the brunt of the force and I hit the wall. I will say again I am fine, sore, but fine. I am grateful that others came to my aid. I am grateful for a deeper understanding of what others have been through. I also know that Cassie is grateful that my head missed the corner of the wall. How does one both rest and get back up again? I’ve gotten to laugh, cry, and whine a bit about my experience. There is a story in the fall. There is a story in the getting back up. And there is a story in the grace and compassion that was shown by others. For me, that is where the depth of renewal comes in. It comes in the interconnection that we have with one another, an interconnection that exists in all life. God created us as one, God offers redemption through Jesus, and God offers unity through the Holy Spirit. We are one. So yes, I hit the wall, and I may again…I am grateful to get back up again renewed in the reality of connection.


This Sunday we will be reading John 3:14-21 and beginning a week focused on “light.” After worship all are invited to stay to create some light-based crafts from stained glass coloring sheets to sun catchers. How is God calling you to shine?


Here are a few questions to ponder as we try to take a moment each day to pause and reflect on our own journey of faith:

  • How is God calling you to shine?
  • How are we willing to share light?
  • How can I take more time with God?
  • How do we support one another as we get back up again after “hitting the wall?”


On this snowy day please stay warm and be careful. It doesn’t take much to slip and fall. Remember my friends: God loves you and walks with you each and every moment!


Peace and Love,



The following link is to children singing a profound message known through sharing love.  “Love is something if you give it away”…”You’ll end up having more”